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The Heart of Hatton Garden
32 Hatton Garden

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The Bureau De Change is set in the heart of Hatton Garden. Primarily to cater for the Jewellery and Travel trade, although we also attract a lot of trade from the local work force who are not in the Jewellery trade but seem to use us for their holiday money. When I am certain that my client is in the Jewellery trade I have set a maximum of up to £7500 on first trade, any subsequent deals from the same Jeweller will need their Passport photocopied to continue. Non Jewellery trade customers-local business workers, needing foreign currency for holidays or business trips will not require ID up to £2500, any future deals adding up to £7500 from non Jewellery trade will require their passport to be photocopied.

Minimum spend to obtain these rates is £1500 cash

Telephone: 0208-127-6062

Mobile: 07867 467277

How we will deal with suspicious activities

As a Money Service Business (MSB) Rolex & Glass Ltd is registered with and regulated by HM Customs & Excise under Money Laundering Regulations. I am fully conversant with Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines and am aware of their responsibilities in the monitoring and reporting of any actions that raise suspicion or give cause for concern, although many of my clients deal in semi large amounts as the Jeweller/Travel trade. I will not hesitate to refuse or report any transactions that I feel are not right and raise suspicion.

If it is suspected that an order is unlawful in any way, Rolex & Glass Ltd reserves the right to use discretion at all times and refuse to process any currency orders.

I am legally required to monitor or report any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size taking place where we have reason to believe the money is derived from illegal activity.

MLR Reg Num 12824654

Company Reg Num 9462811


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